What does purpose mean to you; do you know what your pupose is?


What do you wnt your legacy to be?


Are you holding onto something that you need to let go of? What’s stopping you?


Does anonymity encourage people to misbehave or does it reveal how people would choose to act all the time if they could?  


Does business have a responsibility to social action?


How important is it to be a mentor and have a mentor as a leader?


What are your thoughts on "managing up"?

Managing up is valuable and critical to your career and the success of your team and organization.  With that being said it is important to know how your organization and your boss function to stay within the boundaries of your responsibilities. ~Stephen Petersen 


What is one mistake you witness leaders making more frequently than others?



How important is giving back to the community to being a great leader?


Does technology give us more freedom or are we bound by it? 


What is the value of suffering? 

Does it make us better?

Has suffering changed you life?


What is truth?

Is honesty absolute?

Is sparing someone's feelings lying?



How do you describe authenticity?

What does it mean to be your authentic self?

Being authentic means being in touch with what really matters, my thoughts, emotions and desires, and not hide them while I am with others. Being authentic makes us more easily understood by those around us and if we are "real", we  are more reliable. The authenticity gives more strength to our actions and to our words.

However, the true authenticity is also revealed in respect for others. It is important to create a climate of listening and mutual trust in which everyone is free to express himself and to take account of the vision of all. Do not show  with the others as we truly are, generates skepticism, distrust, irritation. Set aside the urge to dominate the situation and challenge the other is a good step. Understand what are the points of contact and common goals is another. Many times people who are genuine, find  difficulties precisely because of their transparency. Authenticity is the basic principle for building trust , a group of people well willing and passionate. A civic passion that goes beyond their work, which invests the sphere of values and ways to deal with the daily challenges . A passion that gives depth to activity of people even of different training and backgrounds, but united by the same feeling and the same voltage for the result.

Just being yourself is always possible to convey passion, enthusiasm and confidence in the group and avoid falling into the trap of stress that occurs when there is a discrepancy between what we are and what that we try to be.

~Aldo Delli Paoli


To walk by the beat of ones own heart   

Who you are as an individual not who or what someone else wants you to be   

If you fit into a crowd then your just like them most often ,separated by others by wealth or who you know or where you come from or worse   

I don’t like the snobby kind that makes snide remarks and talks about others and thinks their better than anyone else   

Be yourself a one of a kind Like the good lord made you  

We all change like the seasons it’s called the seasons in our lives as we grow but we always come back to who we are full circle   

Never forget who you are but always try to better than you were yesterday in every way   

Never forget who you are along the way as you climb that corporate ladder or grow in prestige   

You can do a great job but never forget the ones that are below you   

An authentic heart and a mouth that speaks words that are pleasing to be heard goes a long way in fact everywhere you go ,use it   

Be authentic in a good positive way a design worth selling  ~Gary Ingram


If we only focused on what is going well instead of what is going wrong? Could we still solve world problems, would we be happier?   


Where does your self-worth come from?  COMMENT 

Is it from the acceptance or validation of others? Personal achievement or success?

Share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions on a variety of topics. Let others know what you think

"Great question, Anthony. My self-worth comes from my core values AND the extent to which we truly "give back" ... Instead of chasing things that temporarily boost self-esteem, it seems to me that it's always best to measure self-worth by who you are at your core. Behave according to your values and create a life of meaning and purpose.... Period. " ~ Dennis Pitocco

"I have always said that what people say about me the day after my funeral will determine how I used this life. I want them to say that they are a better person because of how I encouraged, supported, mentored, and loved them. This helps me focus on what is important and defines how I find my self worth by always asking myself the question, "Did my interaction with this person lift them up and help them grow in a positive manner?" Thanks for beginning this discussion." ~Len Bernat


What in life is beautiful to you, where do you find your inspiration? 


"I am inspired by people - their stories - their struggles - their hopes and dreams - their heartaches and pain - their very presence in my life. " ~ Len Bernat

"I am inspired with the people around me that give so much and yet ask for nothing."  ~Larry Tyler

"I'm inspired by those who raise others through uplifting comments and offer constructive criticism as well as those who accept it in a desire to improve (That takes modesty and courage). " ~Johnny Johnston

"I am inspired by my wife who is my rock, my muse, my sounding board, I am inspired by my clients who continually succeed, I am inspired by all the good being done by the non profits I am involved with, and I am inspired by what I believe will be a bright future for our world." ~Norman Roth

"I am inspired above all by observation. Every detail around us can tell us a story and the things that really deserve attention are those that are apparently insignificant or trivial. ~ Aldo Delli Paoli


Are women doing enough to advance and promote other women into leadership roles?


"We've certainly witnessed a growing,  impressive effort across the USA in the form of Conferences, Webinars, etc., Anthony – developed & delivered by women with powerful speakers and powerful agendas." ~Dennis Pitocco

" Yes - Role of women already gained momentum in most of the countries." ~Prof. C S Rao 

"Women do as much as they can.  Look around, most businesses don’t have an equal representation of women in leadership roles.   

I’d love to help, advice and promote younger women; however, now that on my 50’s, I’m facing gender AND age discrimination – double whammy!

Don’t understand why businesses / CEOs don’t realize the value of having ‘older’ women in the workplace. There’s no better mentor to a woman than another woman that has gone through it all… my guess is that sexual harassment issues would decrease as well.  If there were more women around, we could help keep things on check, - I’m also talking about false accusations and snowflakitis. There’s some things you just have to learn how to handle without crying wolf and going to HR. 

The glass ceiling is well and alive and most women just get fed up of it; but this Harvard Business Report explains it best:" ~Luz Rainov



If you could ask one person in history a question who would it be and what would you ask?  

"Abraham Lincoln - how did you muster the strength to lead the country through arguably its largest constitutional and moral crisis of its time?" ~Adam Hilliard - 

"Albert Einstein once said "There are two things that are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the universe." I would ask Dr. Einstein what are the key contributing human stupidity, and what we might overcome this for the lasting survival of.the human race." ~  Kimberly Wiefling, M.S  

"I'd go back in time and talk to either Henri Cartier-Bresson or Ansel Adams.  I'm sure I'd have a ton of questions but would really just like to shadow either of them for a day." ~Dustin Doskocil  -  Golden, CO

"Ronald Reagan - Any Regrets? " ~Dennis J. Pitocco